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Don't under estimate the power of humor. The power to ridicule and ostracize. Think about it. How many times have the elite riducled the truth telling conspiracy theorists? How many times have your heard, "Oh, he's just a crazy conspiracy nut."? Only to find out later that the crazy conspiracy nut is telling the truth. It is time we turn the tables on the elite and ostracize them out of existence. It is time to make it cool and hip to be a conspiracy theorist.

Comedy is tragedy, and tragedy is comedy. God knows there is plenty of tragedy in the world today. Therefore, there should be plenty of comedy. We can use it to spread awareness, unity, wisdom, and inspiration to all oppressed people throughout the world. So, the next time you feel like strangling someone, come here to blow off some steam and lighten up. Maybe the best way to get even with the elite is by ridiculing them. Maybe we can make so much fun of them, they'll just go away.

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